DJ Ritendra’s New Album “Now That You’re Gone” – An Uplifting Release
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DJ Ritendra, known for his unique way of spinning tracks is all set to release his debut album “Now That You’re Gone”. However, Music Freaks, especially the fans of DJ Ritendra, will have to wait till July to purchase their copy of the album – Worth the wait.

DJ Ritendra is the co-owner of the record label Lewavesi Production under which the album is expected to be released. DJ Ritendra, called as the ‘King of EDM’ by his fans, has tried his hand in Electro Pop in the new album. However, there are few tracks in the genre of EDM as well. The tracks of the album revolve around the theme of Love and they emphasize various emotions involved when two couples are deeply in love with each other.

Overall, the album will have 9 songs in it, all produced and mastered by DJ Ritendra himself. DJ Ritendra will feature several other singers on “Now That You’re Gone” who will be delivering their vocals on the beats created by DJ Ritendra.

DJ Ritendra has also revealed the tracklist off the album “Now That You’re Gone”, which are as follows:

1 “As I Am” (featuring Anna Yanova-Cattoor)
2 “Abyss of Me” (featuring Bojan Chavez Aleksic)
3 “No Problem without You” (featuring Bojan Chavez Aleksic)
4 “Now That You’re Gone” (featuring Jovana Djordjevic)
5 “I’ll Still Love You the Same” (featuring Jovana Djordjevic)
6 “Secret Lovers”
7 “Tonight”
8 “Ballin” (featuring Andrew P)
9 “Bucket To A Benz” (featuring Andrew P And The Homie G)

So, the countdown begins. Just over two months to go for the album ‘Now That You’re Gone’ to be on sale. DJ Ritendra rose meteorically to become one of the prominent Music Producer in Fiji. Will he be able to become one of the most prominent music artists as whole in Fiji? Well, we will have to wait till the release of the album. Until then Follow DJ Ritendra on Twitter and Facebook to keep yourself updated with his latest releases and remixes…

Source: 7thSpace Interactive.