DJ Ritendra Shares New Track “As I Am”
  • Added on: 10/09/2015
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The latest track doing the rounds of music charts in Fiji is “As I Am” from one of the most popular Music Producer in town, DJ Ritendra. The song has been accepted well by his audience. This time, teaming up with the talented Anna Yanova-Cattoor, whose sweet melodic voice gives the track a soulful bliss, DJ Ritendra has yet again created another piece of magic. The track is produced by DJ Ritendra himself and features Anna Yanova-Cattoor, who has also contributed in composing the song.

This track was released worldwide on 13th of July, which was part of DJ Ritendra’s Debut Studio Album “Now That You’re Gone” and released under Lewavesi production. Based on the success of the song, DJ Ritendra is also planning to come up with a remix and pacific version of the track later this year. So prepare yourselves for more enchanting music very soon.

Talking about the song, while working on his album “Now That You’re Gone”, DJ Ritendra wanted to include a song that would highlight the importance & meaning of friendship. That is when he got in touch with a graceful singer like Anna Yanova-Cattoor and it is based on the depth and sweetness in her voice, Ritendra decided to compose this song in Synthpop. It would be fair to say that the song epitomizes the true essence of friendship and would be a perfect track to dedicate to your friends and loved ones.

Now what makes this track different from any of his previous work? Ritendra is known for his work in Electronic music and this time he has ventured into the Synthpop genre for the first time which is by far an old but not forgotten genre of music. Going back to the 80s, when Synthpop used to be famous, to bring it up again with a beautiful track is quite a task and this Music Producer has delivered a masterpiece. It will come as a surprise to many to witness his transition from Electronic to Synthpop but it is worth the changeover and we must expect more from him in the coming days. A huge round of applause for this upcoming talent who surprises us time and again with his versatile song making skills.

Date: 10/August/2015
Source: 14 News / CBS