DJ Ritendra Releases “Tonight” – The 7th Track Of His Debut Studio Album
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After ‘Ballin’, DJ Ritendra released another track from his debut studio album ‘Now That You’re Gone’ on 9th June. The track is named, ‘Tonight’ and celebrates the Electronic Dance Music genre. ‘Ballin’ was a successful track which ended up impressing the music masses in Fiji and now to please some of his more fans, DJ Ritendra decided to release one more track from his album.

The song is written and produced by DJ Ritendra himself and will keep on luring you from the start till the end. ‘Tonight’ will be the 7th out of the 9 tracks from ‘Now That You’re Gone’.

DJ Ritendra has tried his best to make the most of every possible platform to release his track and expand the listeners. ‘Tonight’ was released on 9th June and is still available on iTunes, Amazon, Google play, Shazam, Deezer,  Rdio, 7 Digital, Spotify, EMusic and also on Vevo.

With DJ Ritendra’s Excellency in producing EDM music, he took every advantage of it and came up with a very alluring production on ‘Tonight’.

“I’ve always loved to produce EDM music, but in my album, I was preferring to get more dynamic and adapt some more challenges. So, I’ve also tried to include Pop music in my album and ‘Tonight’ will have the elements of both Electronic and Pop music” said, DJ Ritendra.

DJ Ritendra also said that producing Pop music was one of the tougher challenges for him and he would love it if he receives positive receptions from his fans. ‘Tonight’ wonderfully amalgamates the Electronic and Pop music together, and DJ Ritendra successfully ends up giving a EDM feel to it.

‘Tonight’ will somewhat signify a similar message to what ‘Ballin’ did but the music style is completely different.

DJ Ritendra says, “I wanted to send out a Partying feel in this track. Something which will make people dance as soon as they hear this track.” DJ Ritendra said he made this track which can get some radio plays, so it will have some commercial feel to it.

‘Tonight’ starts with a wonderful verse as the Singer beautifully revolves her voice around the beat. The lines, “Wake up, Its a brand new day, your yesterday has nothing to say. The whole world is smiling at you, so take the chance, you have the clue” just symbolize how positive this track is which conveys the message of getting over your problems and feel the essence of this world. The bridge is also brilliantly executed by the singer. After the melodious tone which DJ Ritendra has given on ‘Tonight’, one of the most impressive factors in this track is the hook which is very attractive.

As far as the production is concerned, DJ Ritendra yet again lived up to the expectations and has wonderfully produced this track. The Electronic beats in the back are as good as it can be and the Pop elements which DJ Ritendra has included in this track just makes this track even more fascinating. Some hard kicks are also there in the production which just signifies how well dynamically DJ Ritendra has produced this track.
Overall, ‘Tonight’ is a beautiful song which will make your ears glued to this track.

“Now That You’re Gone” will officially be releasing in July, as claimed by DJ Ritendra himself. However, before the entire album hit the stores, DJ Ritendra is trying his best to please his fans by releasing some of the songs from the album. “Now That You’re Gone” will also be released in Fiji and Pacific version.

Source: 7thSpace Interactive.