DJ Ritendra Ready To Release Debut Album
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Fijian Music Producer, DJ Ritendra will officially be releasing his debut studio album named, “Now That You’re Gone” which is expected to hit the stores in early August as confirmed by DJ Ritendra himself.

The album will be released under the record label ‘Lewavesi Productions’ with the main genre being EDM and Electro Pop. The album’s subjectivity would focus on the Love theme and would emphasize on the diversified emotions expressed.

The album entirely consists of nine songs with every track being produced by DJ Ritendra, who will be collaborating with several other singers who would deliver their vocals on DJ Ritendra’s produced tracks.

DJ Ritendra has also revealed the tracklist of the album “Now That You’re Gone” and also explained the nature of each and every track which is as follows…

1. As I Am. (Feat. Anna Yanova-Cattoor)
The Album start with this track called, “As I Am” which will feature Anna Yanova-Cattoor. This will be a positive song which will be about the wonderful friendship and the memories which the characters shared>

2. Abyss of Me. (Feat. Bojan Chavez Aleksic)
The Second track from the album is named, “Abyss of Me” in which  Bojan Chavez Aleksic will be featured. The track is about the cravings to find the solutions of all the problems within the character in which he is entangled.

3. No Problem without You. (Feat. Bojan Chavez Aleksic)
The Third song from the album is named, “No Problem Without You”. The male character will be left alone after his girlfriend leaves him, however, his heart is not fragile and doesn’t regret at all, instead, chooses to get along and move ahead in his life. Bojan Chavez Aleksic will deliver his vocals in this track as well.

4. Now That You’re Gone. (Feat. Jovana Djordjevic)
The Fourth track from the album will once again feature Jovana Djordjevic and will also be the track on which the album is based. “Now That You’re Gone” is an emotive track in which the relationship of two lovers culminates.

5. I’ll Still Love You the Same. (Feat. Jovana Djordjevic)
I’ll still love you the same would be one of the first songs from the album which will reflect the ecstasy of the lovers who are extremely gratified with each other. Jovana Djordjevic will again be featuring in this track.

6. Secret Lovers.
With the album about to end, the sixth track will be a mesmerizing journey in which two lovers secretly love each other but are reluctant to express their feelings.

7. Tonight.
The Seventh track from the album will be named, “Tonight” which will make you groove over the wonderful tones from this track.

8. Ballin. (Feat. Andrew P.)
The second last track from the album is called, “Ballin” which will be of Hip Hop genre and will feature Andrew P. This track will send out the message of freedom and being happy and is made for hitting the clubs>

9. Bucket to a Benz. (Feat. Andrew P And The Homie G)
Bucket to a Benz will be the final track from the album and again will feature Andrew P and The Homie G. This track will signify the efforts and what it took for the characters to go from rags to the riches and would be an inspirational track.

When asked about how this idea came up in DJ Ritendra’s mind, he replied, “I am a Remixer, so I’ve always been known for studying the tracks of other music artists and then remix them all, but someday a thought just stucked in my mind of making my own original music independently, so now, here I am.”

DJ Ritendra has been a prominent figure in Fiji’s Electronic music scene and with him now finally releasing his debut studio album, he looks all set to announce his arrival in the Fiji Music industry in a stunning fashion.

Date:  1 June 2015
Source: Stallion Newspaper