DJ Ritendra’s New Song ‘Abyss of Me’: A Motivational Song to Keep You Moving Ahead
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DJ Ritendra’s “Abyss of Me” sets an exquisite example of how a Synthpop genre induced track should be utilized, as the young Music Producer perfectly emphasized an inspiring and a very convincing sound to this track with his exceptional producing skills. Abyss of Me was one of the tracks from DJ Ritendra’s debut studio album “Now That You’re Gone” which received a positive reception as well. Now That You’re Gone featured a lot of other music artists and one of those musicians was Bojan Chavez Aleksic who made the cut in, and delivered his vocals on the Track “Abyss of Me”. The song was written and composed by both DJ Ritendra and Bojan Chavez Aleksic.

Abyss of me remains one of the most meaningful tracks from DJ Ritendra’s album and definitely was equally impressive as well. DJ Ritendra has wonderfully taken care of his production duty as Abyss of me was one of the tracks from the album which boosted the Synthpop genre. DJ Ritendra has kept his style well diversified and unique in this album and a track likeAbyss of Me clearly proves it. DJ Ritendra has given a beautiful feel in this track with his production which sounds more fascinating than ever.

As far as singing and other elements are concerned, Bojan Chavez Aleksic has done a wonderful job as well. With him making a guest appearance in this track, Bojan definitely lived up to the expectations with his beautiful singing. His voice wonderfully revolves around and will make the listeners glued their ears to his voice. A beautiful picture is painted in this track and the listeners will surely love it as well.

“Abyss of Me delivers a strong message,” says DJ Ritendra. “One of the main reasons I included this track on my album was because of the nature of this song. It explains a lot of things to us. It has a message in it and I just loved how Bojan did his part,” added, DJ Ritendra.

The Fijian Music Producer also went onto said that the production on Abyss of Me stood as a challenge for him which he successfully completed when the song was entirely finished.

Abyss of Me is the second track from the album “Now That You’re Gone”, And DJ Ritendra has delivered a lot of efforts to come up with something special like this, To support the artist, make sure to buy his album which is already available on iTunes.

Date: 31 / August / 2015
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