Fijian Music Producer DJ Ritendra Launches Record Label
  • Added on: 02/08/2015
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Ritendra Prasad, also known as DJ Ritendra along with his colleague NRA DJ have decided to step up their game as they have launched a record label company, named, ‘Lewavesi Production’ located in Suva, Fiji Islands. DJ Ritendra has been a prominent factor in influencing the Electronic Music scene in Fiji’s music industry and now with an objective of elevating this genre, he has launched this new record label and aims to release series of music tracks all on his own.

DJ Ritendra is one of the co-founder of Lewavesi Productions which was originally found way back in 2012 but officially, the record label started operating in 2015 and this is the reason why Lewavesi Production has not released any studio albums yet. However, DJ Ritendra is working on his album ‘Now That You’re Gone’ which is expected to hit the stores in July, the music videos of the album will be produced by Lewavesi Production and they will distribute the album copies as well.

DJ Ritendra is very determined to deliver his efforts for his label as he says, “Most of the Record labels up in here, release Fijian tracks, but I plan to do something different. I aim to release English songs and look forward to work with many talented local artists here in Fiji”. DJ Ritendra also says he plans to release a lot of music videos as well which will eventually help his record label get prevalent and successful.

When asked, what influenced DJ Ritendra to launch this record label, he replied, “As a music composer and a record producer, I always wanted to release my own original tracks independently. This is one of the major reasons that made me launch this record label”

DJ Ritendra plans to develop the Fijian music industry to a great extent and has already launched, Lewavesi Productions which will help him to bring his desires into fruition and one day, become one of the top musicians in Fiji.

Source: 7thSpace Interactive.