DJ Ritendra arrives with a Bang: The Fijian Music Producer has Released his Debut Studio Album “Now That You’re Gone”
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With the ever increasing expectations and after a long await, DJ Ritendra has finally released his much anticipated debut studio album, “Now That You’re Gone”. This was DJ Ritendra’s first full length project and has successfully managed to live up to the expectations as “Now That You’re Gone” finally hit the stores.

Last month, DJ Ritendra also released 2 of the singles from the album, with the first one being “Ballin” featuring Andrew P which was played for more than 95,000 times on Soundcloud in a very short span of time. The track was highly successful and to pleasure some of his fans, he released another track from his album, called “Tonight” which also received a positive reception from the fans.

DJ Ritendra has always been a popular music artist in his region and has been accepted by the local crowd jovially with his wonderful mixing and soon became an internet sensation. Since then, DJ Ritendra thought to come up with something original and release his own individual tracks featuring some of the most talented musicians, and then came the thought of releasing his debut studio album which is finally available on iTunes right now. It is expected that “Now That You’re Gone” will soon be available on Amazon and on Spotify.

When asked, what was the origin of the album and how did the idea came up, DJ Ritendra said, “I’ve always been a huge fan of David Guetta, who has been one of my bigger influences, he inspired me to get into the wonderful EDM genre. I just love his music style and was eager to come up with my own music”.

DJ Ritendra also thought to get evolve in Fiji’s musical scenario with something which is original and independent. He also added, “Many of the DJ’S in Fiji make bootleg remixes, so I thought to come up with something original, which is mine and of no one else’s. I aspire to make my own music and be one of the top music artists in my country”

DJ Ritendra successfully created the hype for “Now That You’re Gone” as he had released two of his singles from the album which were highly appreciated by the fans, and this just seemed to be the perfect time for DJ Ritendra to publicly release his debut studio album.

Here is the tracklist of “Now That You’re Gone”

1 “As I Am” (featuring Anna Yanova-Cattoor)
2 “Abyss of Me” (featuring Bojan Chavez Aleksic)
3 “No Problem without You” (featuring Bojan Chavez Aleksic)
4 “Now That You’re Gone” (featuring Jovana Djordjevic)
5 “I’ll Still Love You the Same” (featuring Jovana Djordjevic)
6 “Secret Lovers”
7 “Tonight”
8 “Ballin” (featuring Andrew P)
9 “Bucket To A Benz” (featuring Andrew P And The Homie G)

The main genre of the album is Electropop, however, DJ Ritendra has claimed this album to be one of his bigger challenges as far as the production is concerned, considering the fact that he tried his best to be dynamic, production wise as he has also produced some Synthpop, EDM and HipHop tracks as well in the album.

“Now That You’re Gone” is released under the record label, Lewavesi Production which is co-founded by DJ Ritendra himself and the album would run for total 34 Minutes. The nature of the album would majorly be about Love as claimed by DJ Ritendra himself, plus it also includes some tracks which are party bangers which suggests the essence of freedom, as seen in his previous 2 singles already released.

This by far has been DJ Ritendra’s biggest project till date, and he looks all set to get introduced in Fiji Music scene commercially as well. Make sure to buy his album which is already out on iTunes.

Source: 7thSpace Interactive.