DJ Ritendra And Savuto Collaborates for the Official Remix of Curu Mai
  • Added on: 02/08/2015
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Two of Fiji’s musical heavyweights, DJ Ritendra and Savuto Vakadewavosa have collaborated to come up with the remix of latter’s single, ‘Curu Mai’ produced by Isireli Gumatua. The track, Curu Mai was released way back in 2012 written and composed by Savuto Vakadewavosa which entertained the Pop genre.

Now both DJ Ritendra and Savuto Vakadewavosa decided to step up and give their fans something to cheer about with the official remix of the track, “Curu Mai” was also on Savuto Vakadewavosa’s debut studio album which was released earlier this year. The remix done by DJ Ritendra is officially available now.

DJ Ritendra has cited Savuto Vakadewavosa as one of his musical influences in Fiji and with now both of them working together really raises up the bar. The official remix of “Curu Mai” gives a lot more to offer as DJ Ritendra has wonderfully remixed the track which sounds more alluring than ever.

The track starts with some hard Kicks in the back which just defines the Excellency of DJ Ritendra who has wonderfully did his honors in the track. DJ Ritendra will keep you stick your ears to the track for a while with his remix until the very catchy hook shows up and elevates the track on a new level. The track entirely runs for just over 4 Minutes and this remix by DJ Ritendra is so wonderfully done that just gives us nothing to whine about on this track. DJ Ritendra as always, has included all the materials that will give the song a new identity which sounds incredibly beautiful.

“I tried my best to come up with house and EDM Style for this track and remix it entirely. And honestly, it was a challenge for me to collaborate with someone like Savuto Vakadewavosa who is such a decorated artist up in here” Said, DJ Ritendra. He also added, “Curu Mai will keep your feet tap the ground constantly. I added all the materials that will make the fans like the remix”

The remix version was released under DJ Ritendra’s label, Lewavesi Production. “Curu Mai” was already a popular and a successful track and with DJ Ritendra remixing it, the song looks like to be a huge success in the coming days.

DJ Ritendra was also sound enough to appreciate Savuto Vakadewavosa as he went onto said, “I’d also like to thank my fellow counterpart, Savuto Vakadewavosa for giving me an opportunity to remix his one of the popular tracks, Curu Mai. This will actually make my remix reach to a larger curve of audience as Savuto Vakadewavosa is definitely one of the well-known Music artists here, who is liked a lot by his fans”

Source: 7thSpace Interactive.