Bringing Music of the Future to Fiji
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One of the best music makers in Fiji, DJ Ritendra has been spinning music that will touch your soul. Hailing from Bua, Ritendra Prasad a.k.a DJ Ritendra spend most of his early days in the capital town of Suva. This young Music Producer is currently pursuing his post graduate in information technology from the University of South Pacific. He spends most of his time not just mixing tracks but also recognizing the flavor for music amongst the youngsters these days. This may be the reason that propelled him into the top 10 DJs of Fiji within no time.

It is not so far ago DJ Ritendra first started spinning tracks and mixing tunes in the year 2012. He specializes in the latest genre of music that is Electronic Music for English and Fijian songs. Every musician will need the backing of a good record label and most of Ritendra’s music is released by Lewavesi Production.

DJ Ritendra is keenly influenced by the likes of Savuto Vakadewavosa who is a great pop sensation in the Pacific along with Malumu ni Tobu. DJ Ritendra has collaborated with NRA DJ And Jackalz DJ for many of the English and Fijian tunes. With a lot of youngsters these days taking up Deejaying as a profession, what makes Ritendra stand out from the rest is his ability to come up with unique mixes. He relies on EDM unlike other DJs who focus on Bass and Beats of the music. Famously called as the “King of EDM” in Fiji, DJ Ritendra has already secured many hits under his belt.

So how does Ritendra popularize his music? It is a known fact that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a great pathway to showcase one’s talents. Ritendra achieved applauds from many music lovers on Facebook for his tracks. His latest tracks and mixes are shared by friends and fans which is how the music gains popularity.  If you are looking for someone who understands the latest trends of Electronic music then DJ Ritendra is the man. Keep an eye on this young talent as he will only get better with time. A budding talent that will blossom into one of the finest Music Producer Fiji will ever see.

Date: 16 March 2015
Source: Stallion Newspaper