Ritendra Prasad, Better known by “DJ Ritendra” is a Fijian Music Producer, Composer And Music Director.

Early Life
 Born in Fiji, Bua Province, DJ Ritendra always kept on luring towards the Information Technology sector in his early studying days. This particular subject was something that never failed to grab the attention of young, DJ Ritendra back then. As a kid, he was very sharp and bright, he already had made up his mind of contributing his efforts in IT sector with the fact that how interesting this subject seemed to be for DJ Ritendra. He completed his schooling and soon he used his Excellency in the Information Technology sector to build up that prominent stage in his life that would make people recognize him and what he will be known for. 

After completing his school, DJ Ritendra was still more determined than ever to cement his gratifying career as he pursued Information Technology as his career before getting graduated. DJ Ritendra recently became an IT graduate and is already a well experienced man in this subject. Currently, he is pursuing, Post Graduate in Information Technology which suggests his love for this subject.

Musical Career
DJ Ritendra already had made up his mind of being a well-known persona in the IT sector but it was just few years back when DJ Ritendra developed a Musical genius in him. He started to get familiar with the Electronic music of David Guetta and soon became a very huge fan of him, DJ Ritendra was so attracted towards the EDM genre that he started mixing different tracks one after another from the scratch which he used to show to all of his friends. He learnt the basics of Music Production and since DJ Ritendra has always been determined towards his work, he gave his all in music as well. DJ Ritendra kept on mixing and became a hit internet sensation in Fiji. On sites like Reverbnation and Soundcloud, DJ Ritendra became a very popular name.

Ballin (Single)
Ballin was a major single of DJ Ritendra which was also the first from his debut studio album, “Now That You’re Gone”. The song was released on 9 June, 2015 and became a huge hit on Internet. The song featured American rapper, Andrew P, who gave a nice Hip Hop feel to the track along with DJ Ritendra’s mastermind producing skills.

Tonight (Single)
On the same day, DJ Ritendra decided to please some more fans of his, as he also released the track, ‘Tonight’ from “Now That You’re Gone”. Tonight was a huge success and was highly appreciated by the fans who loved the track. DJ Ritendra wonderfully gave the party feel to this track and soon went onto become a huge success.

Now That You’re Gone (Studio Album)
“Now That You’re Gone” is the debut studio album of DJ Ritendra. Released on 13 July, 2015, The album was released under Lewavesi Productions and consist of 9 total tracks. The album entirely runs for 34 minutes. All the tracks are produced by DJ Ritendra who also feature other music artists in some of the songs from the album. Ballin and Tonight were the first two singles that released were highly successful. The nature of the album is about love, however, the genre seems to be very dynamic as DJ Ritendra has produced EDM, Electropop, Synthpop, And HipHop type of tracks in the album.

Curu Mai – Official Remix (with Savuto Vakadewavosa)
Savuto Vakadewavosa was one of the bigger Fijian music influences for DJ Ritendra, he released his popular single ‘Curu Mai’ in 2012 and was remixed later in 2015 which was done by DJ Ritendra himself. The song also won the Best Itaukei song in Fiji Performing rights association music awards in 2015.

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