Ballin: DJ Ritendra’s Latest Single To Be Released Next Week
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As we all know, DJ Ritendra will be releasing his debut studio album, “Now That You’re Gone” in July, and to add up to the hype, he will be releasing his first single from the album next week called, “Ballin” which features Andrew P. “Ballin” will be one of the only two Hip Hop tracks from the album “Now That You’re Gone”.

The track is produced by DJ Ritendra himself and Andrew P will be seen rapping on the captivating beats of DJ Ritendra who also wrote the song along with the guest featured on the track, Andrew P.

DJ Ritendra had released the demo version of the track, “Ballin” on Soundcloud which already has 95,000+ plays on the site. The Original and complete version of the track will be released next week and would be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Shazam, Deezer, Rdio, 7 Digital, EMusic and on Spotify as well. The song will also be seen on Vevo and MTV by the next week as confirmed by DJ Ritendra.

“Ballon, will be released by the next week. Myself and Andrew P tried our best to come out with such a fascinating Hip Hop track” said, DJ Ritendra. He also added, “I desperately wanted to have a Hip Hop track on my album. Andrew P was the first name I got in my mind and finally we came together and agreed to do this track”

“Ballin” will symbolize the essence of Freedom, the nature of the track is all about enjoying the life, living in such a way that you want it, forgetting all the things which concerns you and just have fun. DJ Ritendra produced this track by keeping in his mind that this song will be played out loud in Clubs, something on which people could dance and groove around. DJ Ritendra has wonderfully created the beats of this track which clearly signifies how good party song this track will be, which will make the audience to shake their legs and dance around.

DJ Ritendra has wonderfully given the touch of fast trap beats on this song which sounds very alluring and catchy, he has also added some elements of what DJ Ritendra is popularly known for producing and includes some nice and heavy synths in the back. All in all, DJ Ritendra has wonderfully mastered this song which sounds very attractive.

Andrew P has delivered the guest verse on “Ballin”. He laid a catchy hook on the song which says, “Ballin Out An you know it, Get money and Blow it. Ballin Out An you know it, Stack so fat that you can’t fold it.”

As already mentioned, this track will express the freedom of a character and was made with the objective of partying, thus Andrew P also says eloquently, “Break it down and I roll it, Burn it up and I smoke it. Hit the club an I throw it, turn it up an I just pour it.”

Andrew P also delivered some impressive lines on this track with one of those being, “I repent for all my Sin, An spent for all my Wins. If Life’s a wheel of Fortune, then its my time to Spin”.

At Last, DJ Ritendra’s album, “Now That You’re Gone” will be released in July this year and he also plans to release the Fiji and Pacific version of the album, It really looks like that DJ Ritendra is going one step further to elevate the state of Hiphop music in Fiji, with his Upcoming single.

Source: 7thSpace Interactive.